A program for all skill Levels. This program focuses on higher quality training, less volume to help keep you injury free so you can keep training and running!

By joining the TWB Running program, you will have access to 3 running workouts per week. These are workouts that are going to be highly effective in producing the results we want – make you a faster runner.

Each workout will provide detailed notes on the intended stimulus and scaling considerations. You will know how to execute these workouts on your own.

  • The workouts that post for Tuesday will be Long & Intense!!! The distances will be longer as the name implies and you will have less rest in between your working sets. These will challenge you!
  • The workouts that post for Thursday will be Short & Spicy!!! Short distance at high intensity with time to properly recover in between sets.
  • The workouts that post for Saturday will be to give you some time on your feet and to just get out and run! These are great opportunities to practice pacing for an event such as: 1/2 Marathon, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc…
  • There will be benchmark run workouts tested throughout the year – 1 Mile for Time, 2 Mile for Time, 5k, 10K, 1/2 Marathon.
  • Each session should only take 60 minutes at the most. Similar to CrossFit, you are going to see high intensity efforts. Everything from Short & Hard, to Long & Intense.

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